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St Peter's
Catholic School


Our current list of staff can be found below (in alphabetical order).

If you wish to email a member of staff, please use the initial in the first name followed by the surname. For example:

Please use for general parent emails.

Title Initials Preferred Surname Role/s
Miss A ALKEMA Head of Mathematics
Mrs F AUGUST Head of Technology
Mrs K BARKHAM Receptionist
Mrs M BARNES Senior Science Technician
Mr P BATES Head of Computing
Mrs F BELAMY Finance Assistant
Miss L BETTS Interim Head of Drama
Mrs F BLACKETT Teaching Assistant
Mr N BLOUNT Head of Year 11
Miss L BOON Head of PE
Miss C BRETT Teacher of English/Teaching Assistant
Mrs F BROWN Textiles Technician
Mrs F BRUMPTON Higher Level Teaching Assistant
Mr J BUTLER Teacher of Sociology
Mrs S CALVERT Teaching Assistant
Miss E CAMPBELL Teacher of PE
Mr S CAMPBELL Teacher of Computing
Mr M CARTLEDGE Acting Head of Science
Miss M CASTELLAIN Database Administrator
Mrs A CAVE Exams Assistant
Mr P CLARKE Teacher of PE
Mr T COLLARD Head of Year 8
Mrs P COOKSON Teacher of Science
Mr S COPELAND Assistant Head of ICT
Mrs S CORNAY Receptionist
Miss S COX Teacher of Art
Mr M DELL Head of Religious Education
Mrs M DILLON Pastoral Support Administrator
Mrs L DORAN Teacher of Mathematics
Mrs K DRISCOLL Teacher of Geography
Mrs C DURHAM Teacher of History
Mr M EBENEZER Teacher of Business and Economics
Mrs L EDWARDS Receptionist
Mrs K FEWSON Science Technician
Ms H FOGELL Second in RE
Miss V FORSYTH Teaching Assistant
Mrs K FOSTER Teacher of English
Mrs E FRASER Teacher of English
Mr C FREEMAN Finance Assistant
Mrs C FRENCH Finance Assistant
Mr P FULLER IT Technician
Mrs M GALLAGHER HR Manager and Finance Assistant
Mr D GARDINER Network Manager
Mrs G GODFREE Head of Year 7
Mrs A GOSWELL-STEELE Finance Assistant
Mr M GREEN Teacher of Physics
Mrs J GREGG Interim Head of Year 9/Jt Second in Mathematics
Miss A GROUT Teacher of English
Mr J GUEST Cover Supervisor
Mrs M HABGOOD Teacher of RE
Miss C HANDFORD Teacher of History
Mrs A HANFORD Teacher of Music
Mrs S HARRINGTON Teaching Assistant
Mrs D HARTLEY Teacher of Mathematics (absent on maternity leave)
Mr R HARTLEY Head of Art
Mrs H HAYDEN Head of Year 10
Mrs S HEGG Teacher of English
Miss A HEMMINGS Sixth Form Co-ordinator
Miss S HENDERSON Teacher of MFL
Mr S HENTY Site Manager
Mrs J HIGHTON Attendance Administrator
Mrs R HILLAGE Teacher of English
Mrs S HODSON Teacher of Mathematics
Mrs H HOLLAND Head of Year 12 (absent on maternity leave)
Mrs N HOLMES Teaching Assistant
Mr R HOTEA Teacher of RE
Mrs S HUGHES Senior Science Technician
Mr J HULLAND Head of Modern Foreign Languages
Mrs JM HULLAND Head Of Drama
Mrs A HUSSAIN Teacher of English (absent on maternity leave)
Mr A ISAACS School Business Manager
Mrs L ISAACS Teacher of Modern Foreign Languages
Mrs M JAMES SEN Administrator
Mrs C JOHNSON Teacher of English
Mrs C JONES Teacher of Art
Miss L KAPOOR Teacher of Mathematics
Dr K KARAVIDA Teacher of Classics/Teaching Assistant
Mrs J KEMP Teaching Assistant
Mrs J KINGSTON Teaching Assistant
Mrs T LEWIS Exams Officer
Mr E MARTIN EPQ Co-ordinator
Mrs S MASTROMARCO Higher Level Teaching Assistant
Miss R MCAVOY Head of Year 12
Mr P MCCAUL Teacher of DT
Mrs A McKee Interim Head of Media Studies
Mrs C MCKINLAY Assistant Headteacher (absent on maternity leave)
Miss S MCLAUGHLIN Teacher of Science
Mr K MENDES Chaplain
Mr S MILLER Teacher of Maths
Mr T MILLER Headteacher
Miss X MILLER Head of Psychology
Mrs M MORLING Head of Year 9 (absent on maternity leave)
Miss Z NOONAN Deputy Headteacher
Mr P NUTTING Teacher of DT
Mrs C NWANA Teacher of Business and Economics
Mr R OLDFIELD Jt Second in Mathematics
Mrs K POETI Teacher of Physical Education
Mr S POWER Head of History
Miss H RESA Teacher of Geography
Miss I RICHARDS Teacher of RE
Mrs D RIDGERS Food Technology Technician
Mrs H SANJURJO Head of Geography
Mrs A SAWA Assistant Head
Mrs G SCHERER Second in Modern Foreign Languages
Mrs J SCHWEIZER Teaching Assistant
Mrs N SHAJPAL Higher Level Teaching Assistant
Mrs N SHEARER-FREYNE Head of English (absent on maternity leave)
Miss C SMITH Head of Science
Miss R SPICE Teacher of English
Mrs L SPRAGUE Teacher of Music
Mrs L STANLEY Teacher of Biology
Mr M STEADY Teacher of RE
Mrs H STEVENSON Interim Head of Year 13/Head of Biology
Mrs D SYKES Administration Assistant
Miss C TAYLOR Second in English
Mrs C THOMAS Head of Business Studies, BTEC Co-ordinator
Mrs C THOMPSON Careers Co-ordinator
Mr R TRIBE Site Manager's Assistant
Mrs J TURNER Teaching Assistant
Mr M TWIST Deputy Headteacher
Mrs P VAN DER MEULEN Home School Link Worker
Mrs M WALL Assistant Network Manager
Mrs A WARREN Cover Supervisor
Mr P WATSON Assistant Headteacher
Mr J WEBB Teaching Assistant
Mrs J WILLIAMSON Teacher of DT
Miss C WOOD Teacher of Biology
Mr D WOODHOUSE Teacher of Chemistry