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St Peter's
Catholic School

Pupil Premium

The Pupil Premium Report published in September 2015 sets out:

  • The Pupil Premium allocation for the current academic year (2015-16)
  • Details of how the school intends to spend this allocation
  • Details of how the school spent its allocation for the previous academic year (2014-15)
  • For 2014-15 how this spend made a difference to the attainment of disadvantaged pupil

201 4- 2015 Review

St Peter’s Catholic School was allocated £104,857 of Pupil Premium funding for the academic year 2014-2015.

This funding was allocated to the following categories:

  • Lesson support: to provide additional adult support in lessons, this is delivered by teaching assistants during mainstream lessons.
  • Literacy: small group (2-4 students) intervention with a specialist teacher to improve literacy levels, reading age, handwriting skills and comprehension. This is delivered across the whole academic year.
  • Numeracy: small group (2-4 students) or 1:1 intervention with a specialist teacher to improve numeracy levels.
  • Boosters: covering a range of skills and subjects including dyslexia support, emotional skills, conflict management, literacy, numeracy, handwriting skills and one-to-one English, Science and Mathematics, revision sessions, literacy and numeracy workshops.
  • Equipment: funding for a variety of equipment including technology materials (e.g. ingredients for food technology), stationery, laptops, software, memory sticks, revision guides, school uniform, PE kit, school bags and shoes.
  • Trips: contributing towards costs of trips with a curricular focus – Modern Foreign Language trips to Germany and France, Science trips, Theatre trips for English and Drama, CSI, RE Reflection days, outbound days for PE, Maths trips, Geography trips, History trip to Ypres and Paris, First Aid Courses and Business Studies trips.
  • Home School Link Worker: employed by the school for 3 days a week. Primary focus to support vulnerable students who may have difficulties attending school and their families, as well as providing support for families at third party agency meetings.
  • Extra-curricular: eligible students had the opportunity to attend a 6 week programme with a partner providing motor vehicle engineering experience in small group at an offsite workshop. This is a great experience for students to develop their hands-on learning, self- confidence and team working skills.
  • Mentoring: provided by various members of staff to students who would benefit from extra support via mentoring, active listening and tracking.
  • School management: in addition to the above categories (where spend may be tracked pupil-by-pupil or specific teaching staff and teaching assistants are involved), funding was also allocated to provide for the overall management of the Inclusion team over the year.

Impact to Attainment in 2014-15

75% of Pupil Premium eligible GCSE candidates made the expected progress or better in English compared to 56% nationally). In Mathematics, 56% of Pupil Premium eligible GCSE candidates made expected progress or better compared to 49% nationally (2014/15 data).

All Key Stage 3 students improved their reading ages (average of 1.2 years improvement).

Pupil Premium students reported an improvement in confidence, social skills and access to extra-curricular activities.

2015-2016 Plans

St Peter’s Catholic School expects to receive £112,330 of Pupil Premium funding for the academic year 2015-2016 which will be allocated to the same categories as 2014-15 namely: lesson support, literacy, numeracy, various boosters, equipment, trips with a curricular focus, Home School Link Worker, mentoring and school staff support.

Summary of spend in 2014-15 and 2015-16


2014-2015 Allocation

2015-16 Allocation

Lesson support


















Home School Link Worker









School staff support