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St Peter's
Catholic School


Mr R Hartley, Head of Department

Miss S Cox                   Teacher of Art
Mrs C Jones Teacher of Art
Mrs J Kemp Teacher of Art/Art Technician

Our aim in A Level Photography is to expose students to the creative possibilities of digital art using the medium of photography. This is available to all students at St Peter’s who wish to study the subject. Students are encouraged to immerse themselves in artist contextual research and to create personal responses based on what other image makers have done in the past. Students examine the work of art movements past and present. Once a student takes an interest in one of these areas they are free to create digital art in the style of these art movements. The facilities available to photography students include Apple Macs for editing images and mastering Photoshop as well as studio space. All student portfolios are created digitally using these facilities. Students’ work is displayed in personal portfolios as well as various photography exhibitions that are arranged at different times of the year. All students must have a DSLR and either relevant software at home or be committed to additional studio time, in addition to the field work required to complete the course.


Some of the main areas of specialisation for professional photographers include: architecture, commercial, editorial, fashion, fine art, medical/scientific, movie skills, nature/ environmental, photojournalism, sports, underwater/ marine, wedding/portrait. This is by no means a comprehensive list of the paths a photographer can take in the 21st century - there are creative opportunities for image-makers to work in almost every industry segments. Relevant academic pathways are available to all specialisms along with opportunities for internship and apprenticeship.


Students will be studying the Eduqas syllabus.

Year 12

Develop an understanding of photography, editing and image manipulation using a variety of methods to create work in response to a range of different starting points.

Year 13

You will develop your portfolio based upon the personal investigation continuing to explore areas of photography and digital design that are highly personal to your own interests, progressing on from learning in Year 12 supported by staff.

In the spring term, you will respond to an externally set assignment exploring ideas, processes and techniques relating to the starting point chosen.

Both components will make up a large part of the portfolio needed to progress onto academic courses or into the photography based job sector.


Component 1 (60%): Personal Investigation. An in-depth study, set by the student focusing on a particular theme or interest, supported by written material. Internally assessed and externally moderated.

Component 2 (40%): Externally set assignment which is published on 1st February. Students select a starting point from an exam paper, using this they create a portfolio of work in preparation for a timed exam. Internally assessed and externally moderated.


• Regular visits to local and national galleries

• Priority access for our Art students to continue with and expand current work and practice

• European/UK study visit


Minimum of five or more GCSEs at grade 4/5 or above.