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St Peter's
Catholic School


Mr S Power

Head of History

The Team

Mr T Collard Teacher of History
Mrs C Durham  Teacher of History
Miss C Handford Trainee Teacher of History
Miss Z Noonan Deputy Headteacher
Mr M Twist    Deputy Headteacher

Introduction to the Department

In history, we teach students to understand the world we live in today through events in the past. Students will use a variety of learning techniques in lessons that help to develop their communication as well as their written skills; they will learn about the causes and consequences of events as well as significance and develop historical skills to handle and to question sources. Students are taught to develop their interest in and enthusiasm for history and of its intrinsic value and significance.  We strive to ensure our lessons are interesting and thought provoking through regular discussion and the use of different medias.

Key Stage 5 Information

Students study an OCR history syllabus that is designed to develop them as effective and independent learners.  They build on their understanding of the past through experiencing a broad and balanced course of study. The course is constructed in three units and a topic based essay. While the study of British History forms a substantial element, students will also study the history of more than one country or state. Students will undertake a thematic study, covering an extended period of history of approximately 100 years. The coursework element will enables students to explore a topic in history they shown an interest in.

Year 12:  

Unit 1:

Students study British history from 1930–1997. This includes a source-based enquiry topic: Churchill 1930–1951 and a British period study: Britain 1951–1997

  • Churchill’s view of events 1929–1940
  • Churchill as wartime Prime Minister
  • Churchill and international diplomacy 1939–1951

In the period students study

  • Conservative domination 1951–1964
  • Labour and Conservative governments 1964–1979
  • Thatcher and the end of consensus 1979–1997
  • Britain’s foreign policy and position in the world 1951–1997

Unit 2:

Students study a non-British period which is The American Revolution 1740–1796.

  • The development of British hegemony in America
  • Causes of the American Revolution
  • The American Revolution 1774–1783
  • The early Republic 1783–1796

Year 13:

Unit 3:

Students study Russia and its rulers. This unit allows students study key aspects of Russian History between 1855 and 1964. This involves three in-depth studies of the reforms of Alexander II, the Provisional Government and Khrushchev. Students also study key themes in Russian history including the nature of government, the impact of dictatorial regimes on the economy and society, impact of war and revolution on the development of the Russian Empire and the USSR.

Unit 4:

Students are required to complete a 3000 to 4000 word essay. This amounts to 20% of the total marks for History A Level.