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St Peter's
Catholic School

Food Science and Nutrition

Mrs F August

Head of Design and Technology

The Team

Mrs F Brown     DT Technician 
Miss J Kendall     Teacher of Design Technology
Mr T Miller    Headteacher
Mr P Nutting Teacher of Design Technology
Mrs D Ridgers DT Technician

An understanding of food science and nutrition is relevant to many industries and job roles. The WJEC Level 3 Diploma in Food Science and Nutrition has been designed to provide learners with underpinning knowledge, understanding and skills to progress to further study and training. It offers exciting and interesting experiences that focus learning for 16–18 year old learners through applied  learning, i.e. through the acquisition of knowledge and understanding in purposeful contexts linked to the food production industry.


Together with relevant Level 3 qualifications such as A Levels in Biology, Chemistry, Sociology and Mathematics and/or Level 3 qualifications in Hospitality or Science, learners will gain the required knowledge to progress to higher education degree courses such as: BSc Food and Nutrition, BSc Human Nutrition, BSc (Hons) Public Health Nutrition, BSc (Hons) Food Science and Technology.


Students will be studying the WJEC syllabus.

All learners must take Units 1 and 2 followed by either Unit 3 or Unit 4 (see below)*.

Unit 1 - Meeting the nutritional needs of specific groups

Unit 2 - Ensuring food is safe to eat

Unit 3 - Experimenting to solve food production problems (optional)

Unit 4 - Current issues in food science and nutrition (optional)

Students will need to provide some ingredients for the practical sessions in the course. Food prepared in these sessions should form a part of the family meal. Expensive and unusual ingredients and those required for experiments will be provided by the school.


Unit 1 – Meeting the nutritional needs of specific groups

Internal and external assessment

Exam (50%) and coursework (50%)

Unit 2 – Ensuring food is safe to eat

External assessment

Exam 100%

Unit 4 – Current issues in Food Science and Nutrition

Internal assessment

Coursework 100%

Unit 1 is completed in Year 12 and accounts for half of the qualification.

Units 2 and 4 are completed after the exam in June of Year 12 and during Year 13.

* Centres have the option to deliver either Unit 3 or 4 - St Peter’s has selected Unit 4.


Judging/assisting with school cooking competitions.


Students need to have good grades in GCSE English and Science. GCSE Food Technology is desirable but not essential providing students are committed to the subject.