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St Peter's
Catholic School

Extra-curricular Activities

Students are encouraged to participate in the many extra-curricular clubs and house activities that are offered at lunchtime and after school by staff.  All information is published on the weekly Student Bulletin that is discussed during the daily tutor time.

In addition, throughout the year there are many trips to theatres, activity days and sports fixtures where students are given as many opportunities as possible to develop their interests and skills.  


Art rooms are usually open at lunchtimes for students who wish to carry on their class work, GCSE or Sixth Form work.


Lego, Warhammer, Chess and Debating.


The school enjoys producing large-scale musicals as well as smaller, more intimate plays. It offers the opportunity for students to shine on stage, behind the scenes or in a variety of smaller dramatic pieces linked to examination work.


Numerous ensembles including the string orchestra, jazz band, show choir, boys’ choir and chamber choir give concerts throughout the year.  See Music Department timetable below. There is at least one formal concert every term taking place in the Theatre and Liturgy space as well as a large concert in a professional venue. Biannually, over 50 students take part in a week long international concert tour where a massed choir and orchestra perform three concerts to the local public. Click here for the latest extra-curricular timetable.

Please go to the Surrey County Council’s website for information about music lessons. Please note that tuition must be arranged outside of school lessons.


The following clubs are currently open to all students: rugby, athletics, cricket, netball, football, hockey, badminton, basketball and rounders. Fixtures are arranged with other schools in most team sports. External experts also come in to school offering fitness and wellbeing, sports performance training and netball satellite club. Click here for the latest extra-curricular timetable.

Student Voice

Students are nominated by each year group to represent their views at a monthly meeting. The objective is to support the school by improving the facilities and processes. This year, the Student Voice has been instrumental in the following:

  • Introducing an automatic traffic light system to show students when they can use the field
  • Improved outside water facilities
  • Increased the number of benches around the playground
  • Reintroduced hand sanitizers
  • Liaised with the School Business Manager to make improvements to the toilet facilities
  • Formed as an interview panel for key new appointments in the school
  • Reviewed the Awards system
  • Initiated improved signage in the Science block
  • Acknowledged those around us who help make the school a better place e.g. the Catering staff!