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St Peter's
Catholic School


Mr E Martin 

Classics Co-ordinator

The Team

Dr K Karavida Teacher of Classics

Introduction to the Department

Classics is the analysis and study of the ancient world, covering key individuals, culture, literature and history. Western civilisation traces its history to the Romans and Ancient Greeks, with many of the texts from that period forming the fundamental basis of our cultural canon.

The Classics Department aims to ground students in some of these major works, teaching them to critically assess and evaluate these sources to a sophisticated degree.  We are fortunate to enjoy highly qualified and experienced staff to provide learners with the best possible experience.

Students will be following the OCR A Level specification. This will cover three subject areas, assessed by written exam at the end of the second year:

  • The invention of the barbarian
  • Greek and Roman Epic literature
  • The politics of the late Roman Republic

Entry Requirements

A grade 5 in GCSE English Literature will help students to access the analytical content of the course. A good pass in History is useful but not required.