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Please find detailed below our latest news and events! 

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  • Last Sixth Form Open Morning - 3rd July

    Published 06/12/17

    Please come along to our next Open Morning on Tuesday 3rd July from 9:30am to 10:30am and see what life is like in our Sixth Form and understand what we can offer you.

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  • District Sports News

    Published 17/05/18

    Congratulations to all of our 200 students who represented St Peter's at the annual District Sports competition. They were all amazing!

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  • We look forward to welcoming everyone back to school on Monday 16th April

    Published 13/04/18
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  • Linden Homes open their doors to St Peter’s Year 8 students, to inspire them about  careers in the construction and property sectors

    Published 28/03/18


    17 Year 8 students were treated to a very inspiring insight into the work going on at Linden Homes’ Wellington Grove site in Merrow, followed by presentations to the students from the Managing Director, Department Directors and Management Trainees, with plenty of questions asked by students and note-taking!

    Linden Homes provided an opportunity for students to get ‘hands on’ with a competitive bricklaying activity!  Some walls developed faster than others, but some stayed up longer than others!  


    Philip Chapman, Managing Director for Linden Homes South commented “We employ people with a range of skills to deliver our homes. From our land buying team, design, marketing and sales and of course construction, there are a wide range of careers available. We have specialists overseeing every different stage of the building project and we hope our Open Doors event has shown young people what a company like Linden Homes is all about – and shed light on the various professions that are involved.”

    Mrs Thompson, St Peter’s Careers Co-ordinator added “We are most grateful to Philip and his staff at Linden Homes who have given our Year 8s such an inspirational insight into their sector, helping the students to learn about career entry routes, progression routes and transferable skills which relate to careers in construction and property.”

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  • Stagecoach buses are running late

    Published 28/03/18

    Please accept our sincere apologies that due to a Stagecoach admin error, they thought St Peter’s was closed for INSET today. The buses have now left the depot and will collect all students waiting at the bus stops.


    We recommend parents download the Stagecoach bus app to access the live bus tracking system and sign up for twitter for updates. Information would have been provided when you signed up.


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  • Year 9 Learn about DNA in Science Week

    Published 13/03/18

    An inspiring session for some of our Year 9 students with Emilie from HEON (Higher Education Outreach Network – Surrey University) on Discovering DNA.  Emily has a PhD in cancer research and why some people respond to treatment and others don’t.  She originally did a biology degree and a Masters in cancer biology.

    Students worked in groups to think about what DNA is, how it can become damaged, and what happens when it IS damaged.  Then they had the opportunity to work out what the structure of DNA is, and saw how you can extract the DNA in strawberries! 

    Emilie mentioned the types of careers you can have, where you use DNA, which include becoming a forensic scientist, biologist, biochemist, chemist, archaeologist (looking at ancestry) and a scientific writer!

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  • Friday 2nd March

    Published 01/03/18

    School is open today. All buses are running. All students and staff to wear warm mufti with suitable footwear. We will keep the weather under review and inform of any further updates accordingly.

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  • Reminder

    Published 21/02/18

    Year 11 Parents' Revision Meeting Tonight at 7pm in the Dining Hall

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  • Inspired by Cambridge

    Published 05/02/18

    Our Year 10 students were inspired by the surroundings at Cambridge University and what it has to offer! We wish all of our students every success in getting in to Cambridge, in a few years time!

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  • Amazing House Day

    Published 31/01/18

    Today was another fantastic House Day which saw every St Peter's student get involved and have fun!

    There was a wide range of  activities on offer:

    • Art - Photography
    • Business - Pie Factory
    • Classics - Introduction to Classics
    • Computing - Bit Bots
    • Drama - The Terrible Tale of Timothy's Teabags
    • Electronics - Watt's Up!
    • English - Are You Brave Enough To Face The Dragons?
    • Film Quiz - Film Quiz
    • Food Tech - Great St Peter's Bake Off
    • Geography - Virtual Orienteering
    • History - Big Fat History Quiz
    • Maths - Maths Puzzles
    • MFL - St Peter's Spicy Salsa Competition!
    • Music - Mastering Motown
    • PE (Boys) - Football
    • PE (Girls) - Obstacle Course
    • Psychology -   What Is Psychology?
    • RE - “Superheroes are misleading role models”
    • RM - Plastic Fantastic
    • Science - Chemistry Competition
    • Sociology - How Would I Improve School?
    • Textiles - News Flash Fashion

    Click here to view the photo gallery.

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  • Important message to everyone at St Peter's

    Published 24/01/18

    There has been a fire at St Peter's Catholic School tonight (Wednesday 24th January)  which has only affected the new building.  We would like to reassure everyone that no-one was hurt, the fire has been contained and is under control by the local fire services. 

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  • Reminder: school is closed on Monday 22nd January for INSET day

    Published 19/01/18

    school reopens as normal on Tuesday.

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