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St Peter's
Catholic School

Target Setting, Assessment and Reporting

Parents can now access our Reporting and Assessment database to access the most up-to-date performance data available.

Six progress reports are created over the academic year for Years 12 and 13 (they are similar in style to reports issued in Years 7-11). The report dates are published in the annual school calendar.

A Levels have a different grading system to GCSE:

A Levels are graded A*-E, AS subjects are graded A-E.

An A grade is 80%. The boundaries then change every 10% e.g. 70% = B, 60% = C, 50% = D, 40% = E. Any score below 40% is Unclassified.

The new A* grade requires 90% to be achieved on all of the A2 (Year 13) units and the overall A Level score to be greater than 80%.

All students are set target grades at the beginning of their courses. They are generated based upon their prior performance at GCSE and a national formula is applied. Please note these are aspirational and not a ceiling to achievement. All students are prepared for all material up to A* at St Peter's.

Students will also have personal target setting sessions as part of their tutoring programme to set goals and motivate success. We also take the opportunity to invite some students in with their parents for a review and address issues arising.