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St Peter's
Catholic School

Student Leaders

Congratulations to all of our new Student Leaders who will officially be starting in September 2023.


Subjects: Biology, Psychology, Economics

How do you feel to be appointed as a Head Student?

I feel honoured to have been chosen for this role and I am excited to work with the other Head Students. Being a Head Student is a great responsibility, but it is also an incredible opportunity to make a positive impact on the school and its students and faculty, to make a difference and leave a lasting legacy.         

Top tip: Get in a good routine of being on top of your work and creating revision material in study periods as this will benefit you heavily.



Subjects: English Literature, History, Maths

What is the most important thing about being Head Student?

Showing kindness and respect to everyone in the community, alongside using the responsibility of the role to inspire and stimulate change where necessary. I aim to be compassionate and reflective of the school ethos, building from it to respond to the needs of my peers.

Top tip: Make the most of your time. Use all opportunities to help gain experience and follow your interests, alongside balancing work, socialising and hobbies to enjoy your time at school.



Subjects: Biology, Chemistry, Philosophy and Ethics

What is special about your role?

The best part of my role as Head of Fundraising is the reward of outreach and serving our community. We are a Catholic school and place significance on the Catholic ethos that includes charity. These initiatives draw attention to the St Peter’s rock of service and I feel honoured to be able to organise events and initiatives that encourage students to be involved and actively participate in raising awareness and funds for the charity that they feel connected to.

Top tip: As cliché as it sounds, value the journey of your school experience, learning and growing as a person. Don’t put excessive pressure on yourself in pursuit of becoming the best version of you. 


Subjects: Biology, Chemistry, Maths

Why did you want to be a Head Student?

I saw it as an opportunity to contribute and give back to the school community. Being a Christian, I resonate with the values of the school very much and try to encourage an environment of respect and compassion. I wanted to be a Head Student so that I could help aid, support and facilitate the betterment of our school community, while fostering the positive values and attributes which already exist amongst each and every student.

Top tip: Don’t be worried or embarrassed to ask questions and seek to understand things you are learning which you may not understand at first. Everybody is in the same boat, and everybody will have things that they struggle with, so use it as an opportunity to help, support and build each other up from the start to the finish, trusting in God.


Subjects: Biology, Chemistry, Spanish

What is the biggest challenge going to be as part of the Head Student team?

My role in the Head Student team involves working together with the whole school community to help create a fun and enriching environment. I think I will find the biggest challenge in being reflective of the needs of everyone as our school community is so large, and I am thankful to have such a great team to work alongside.

Top tip: Always be kind to yourself and others!


Subjects: Biology, Maths, English Literature

What qualities are needed in the role?

My role involves working with the whole school community, particularly the lower school Student Council, meaning my role frequently involves working as a team, listening to the views and ideas of others as well as coming up with creative solutions. I look forward to the opportunity to work collaboratively within my role to help bridge the gap between Sixth Form and the lower school to implement changes that will benefit the whole school community.

Top tip: Take every opportunity to do the things that matter to you! Working hard is important but so is prioritising your own interests, so take the time to develop any of your hobbies and surround yourself with people that support you and your success.


Subjects: Maths, History, Psychology

What are you excited to implement?

During my premiership I aim to implement huge changes! I want to increase the number of sports that we have available to play competitively and increase the number of fixtures for everyone. Most notably I want to, with the help of the Sixth Form, walk, run, cycle, or swim the length of Europe to hopefully raise money for a good cause whilst staying fit and healthy.

Top tip: This year was the best I ever had, but the time flies by and from time to time you might think it won't wait for you. But no matter what you've been told, inevitably it is all God's plan so enjoy it before it is over and take care. Overall, this is the year to turn nothings into somethings.