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St Peter's
Catholic School

Spiritual and Community Life

In the Gospels, we read how Jesus gave the apostle Simon the name Peter and stated that ‘on this rock I will build my church’ - it is with this sturdy foundation that the church is built.

In the same way at St Peter's, we have chosen six rocks upon which our school is built:

  • Realise your potential - students should realise the call from God to strive for greatness
  • Be respectful - students should be respectful of themselves, others and the world they live in
  • Be responsible - students should be accountable for their actions and take responsibility gladly
  • Be reflective - students should learn from their mistakes and plan to do better
  • Be resolute - students should be firm about doing what is right
  • Be resilient - students should stay strong, bounce back and never give up

Through displaying these six rocks, students will live out the call to be 'Christ to all'.

Our approach is always based on raising awareness, prayer and practical action. Prayer is an essential part of school life and is fostered through tutor teams, assemblies, services of reconciliation and the greatest prayer of all, the Eucharist (also known as holy communion).

Practical action is a constant part of school life. The list below shows some examples of practical help but is by no means exhaustive:

  • Students annually participate in the Diocesan Pilgrimage to Lourdes
  • Year group Retreats
  • St Peter's is delighted to have been approved as a Fairtade school, complementing our partnership with CAFOD
  • Students generously volunteer for charitable work both at home and abroad, giving of their time and raising money
  • Sixth Form Rag Week