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St Peter's
Catholic School

Physical Education


Mrs L Stoker-Boon

Head of Physical Education

The Team
Miss D Palmer Deputy Head of Physical Education
Miss E Hardy Teacher of Physical Education
Mr J Richards Teacher of Physical Education
Mr M Price Teacher of Physical Education
Introduction to the Department

Our vision for physical education and school sport is to engage and inspire all pupils. High quality teaching, learning and a diverse curriculum increases participation and encourages pupils to lead a healthy lifestyle, both physically and emotionally.

We aim to develop character, resilience and self-discipline in all sports and activities, whilst developing a sense of fairness and respect in all of our students. We encourage all our pupils to perform to their best in reaching their full potential, whilst developing a love for physical activity.

The extensive range of team and individual sports and activities we provide for students forms a vital part of our curriculum and life at St Peter’s school.

Key Stage 3 Information

Students in Years 7-9 follow a programme of study that is designed to develop them physically, socially, emotionally and cognitively whilst informing them about how to approach health, fitness and well-being as lifestyle choices.  We follow a mastery approach, meaning pupils acquire a deep, long-term, secure and adaptable understanding for each area of study. This key stage also aims to lay the foundations for those wishing to study at GCSE level. It is a practical subject but theory elements are integrated within the learning environment.

Key Stage 4 Information

All students in Years 10-11 follow a programme of study that is designed to engage and promote participation contributing to living a healthy, active lifestyle whilst continuing to develop them physically, socially, emotionally and cognitively.  A more varied curriculum allows students to engage in more non-traditional sports and aims to encourage all students to adopt and understand the need for a healthy lifestyle, to develop self-awareness, self-esteem, co-operation, team play and sportsmanship.  

GCSE Physical Education

Subject aims and learning outcomes

GCSE Physical Education enables students to make the connections between theory and practice, so that they are able to apply their understanding of the factors that underpin physical activity and sport to improve performance.  The course is broad, coherent and practical, encouraging students to be inspired, motivated and challenged. Syllabus: Edexcel GCSE Physical Education