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St Peter's
Catholic School

Physical Education


Mrs L Stoker-Boon

Head of Physical Education

The Team
Miss D Palmer Deputy Head of Physical Education
Miss E Hardy Teacher of Physical Education
Mr M Price Teacher of Physical Education
Mr J Richards Teacher of Physical Education
Introduction to the Department

Our vision in PE is ‘sport for all for life’.   We aim for students to have positive experiences in PE and school sport alongside understanding the benefits of leading a healthy balanced lifestyle in school life and beyond.  We deliver a broad, balanced, and high-quality curriculum that is ambitious and aims to meet the needs of all our students.

We aim to develop character, resilience, and self-discipline in lessons, whilst developing a sense of fairness and respect by being Christ to all. We encourage all our pupils to perform to their best, enabling them to reach their full potential whilst developing confidence, competence, and a love for physical activity.

Our extra-curricular programme is inclusive with the focus on sport for all above fixtures for few.  We offer a range of lunch time and afterschool activities to inspire students to continue to be active and passionate about participating.

Key Stage 3 Information

Lessons are taught & sequenced to develop students’ knowledge & skills using a mastery approach. Experiencing eight lessons for each activity area, allows time to build knowledge, competence & confidence.  Our curriculum is designed to develop students physically, emotionally and socially through a variety of activities whilst transferring skills across each area. Our assessment framework of HEAD, HEART and HANDS is accessible for all and allows students to monitor personal progress throughout. This key stage also aims to lay the foundations for those wishing to study GCSE PE. This creates an infusion of practical with key theory elements integrated within the learning environment.

In Year 7, this is done through studying fundamental movement skills, components of fitness, netball, football, touch rugby, floor gymnastics, dance, fives, short tennis, athletics and kwik cricket.

In Year 8, this is built on through fundamental sports skills, types of training, football, rugby, netball, parkour, gymnastics, badminton, athletics and field sports.

In Year 9, students develop their sports leadership skills, look at the principles of training and develop skills in handball, basketball, hockey, rhythmic gymnastics, trampolining, volleyball, athletics and field sports.

Key Stage 4 Information

In Years 10 and 11, lessons are designed to engage and promote participation, contributing to living a healthy lifestyle.  Students build upon their techniques and transferable skills developed in Key Stage Three and apply them to a variety of new activities. 

Students continue to develop physically, emotionally, and socially through a varied, challenging, and structured curriculum. We also offer ample opportunity to develop leadership, promoting key skills required for future study and career opportunities.  

GCSE Physical Education

Studying GCSE PE will open students’ eyes to the captivating world of sports performance.  The combination of the physical performance and academic challenge provides an exciting opportunity for students.  The content has been designed to allow students to study Physical Education in an theoretical setting. This allows them to critically analyse and evaluate physical performance and apply experience of practical activities in developing knowledge and understanding of the subject and the science behind it.

Syllabus: Edexcel GCSE Physical Education