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St Peter's
Catholic School

Pastoral Support

Our pastoral ethos is underpinned by everyone in the community striving to be Christ to All; our mission is to love the students and to serve them to be the best version of themselves. This ethos translates to a strong community spirit and a relentless pursuit of the wellbeing, safety and flourishing of the students and staff at St Peter's.

The students are looked after and overseen by key roles in the school, such as  Form Tutor, Head of Year and Assistant Head of Year. These staff build relationships with the students and are trusted adults who both support and nurture the students, and help them to build their responsibility and organisation. These staff are usually the ones who pick up on concerns, for example regarding wellbeing, academic issues, attendance, friendship issues, or mental health. They work with parents and other staff, in partnership, to help the children however we can.

St Peter's has a strong pastoral curriculum in form time and assemblies that promotes our Catholic ethos and general character development, using our Rocks of Service, Love, Justice, Courage and Reflection to engage with many topical, societal, spiritual and relational ideas and issues. 

When students do need extra support, we have an established, expert Pastoral Support Team to help, ranging from ELSA, Home School Link Worker, Counsellors and other external practitioners. Our aim is to identify issues early, and refer the children to the right support at the right time, so that we can help them flourish.

Our pastoral staff have high expectations of the children: we expect them to be respectful, safe, courteous, and loving, like Christ. It is by living our values that we create a community that is conducive to learning, development and flourishing for all.