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St Peter's
Catholic School



Miss O Myatt

Head of Music

The Team
Mrs J Gregg Teacher of Music
Mrs A Hanford Teacher of Music
Mr Steady Teacher of Music
Introduction to the Department

The Music Department is at the heart of the school’s Catholic ethos and culture of academic success and community involvement.

Music is taken very seriously by our students and the practice rooms are always full during break and lunchtimes with students rehearsing their class work. The department is extensively resourced with two large well-equipped music rooms and a computer room equipped with MuseScore 4, Sibelius and Ableton software for composing.

The department runs an extensive extra-curricular programme including four Choirs, String Ensemble, Folk Band, Jazz Band, Guitars and Ukuleles, and Orchestra to name a few. For Sixth Form students only, Vic Cox, professional bassist, runs the Sixth Form Enrichment Band which puts on termly concerts. Over 150 students are currently involved in some form of extra-curricular music. There is at least one formal concert every term and a Chamber Concert each October and February, taking place in the Theatre and Liturgy space. Biannually, over 50 students take part in a week-long international concert tour where choirs and instrumental groups perform concerts to the local public. Over the last few years, we have been to Strasbourg, Obernai, Salzburg and York. 

The Music Department works alongside the Drama Department to put on a school musical biannually and provide music for “straight” plays too. The department contributes regularly to masses, liturgies, worship sessions and the school’s annual open air Feast Day Mass and Carol Service.

Key Stage 3 Information

The Key Stage 3 curriculum focuses on the mastery of reading and writing notation whilst developing a practical and aural knowledge and use of the elements of music.

All KS3 students have 2 hours of music over a two week timetable and follow a varied programme of study which balances performance, composition and analysis. Lessons are mainly practical based covering genres such as Year 7 – Rondo form, Gamelan, Animals in music, Year 8 – Variations, Planets, Folk Music, Year 9 – Baroque music, Musical Theatre, Music for Film.

Key Stage 4 Information

In Years 10 and 11, students who have opted for GCSE music follow the Edexcel syllabus analysing 8 Set Works from; Instrumental music 1700-1820, Vocal Music, Music for Stage and Screen and Fusion. They also develop their Performance and Composition skills to the highest levels.