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St Peter's
Catholic School

Further Mathematics

Mrs J Gregg

Head of Mathematics

The Team
Mr J Blackmur Teacher of Mathematics
Mrs S Hodson Teacher of Mathematics
Mr R Oldfield Mathematics KS5 Coordinator
Mrs K Taylor Mathematics KS3 Coordinator
Introduction to the Department

The Mathematics Department at St Peter’s aims to foster a culture of problem solving and adaptability amongst its students. In line with the new mathematics curriculum, we are coaching our students to become better at breaking down problems and considering alternative approaches to obtaining solutions. Our goal is to develop thinking and reasoning skills to help students to solve contextual problems. We are also promoting the efficient use of technology to support our students’ mathematics, but at the same time maintaining high expectations of their mental mathematical skills. We are an energetic team of teachers who love mathematics and are passionate about exploring the subject and discovering the best ways to pass this enjoyment and wonder onto our students.


Are you deeply passionate about Mathematics? Do you enjoy a chance to explore challenging mathematical concepts? Further Mathematics enables students to distinguish themselves as able mathematicians in the employment market.


It equips you with logical and analytical skills that are highly sought after in many sectors of the economy such as business, engineering and the civil service. Mathematics degrees and Mathematics related degrees (such as Engineering, Sciences, Computing and Economics) will benefit enormously from studying Further Mathematics. Some Russell Group university courses will expect Further Mathematics to have been studied at A Level.


Students will be studying the Edexcel syllabus.

In Years 12 and 13,  the A Level in Further Mathematics covers:

• Core Pure Mathematics 1

• Core Pure Mathematics 2

As well as two additional modules from:

• Further Pure Maths

• Further Statistics

• Further Mechanics

• Decision Mathematics


Core Pure Mathematics Papers 1 and 2: two written calculator papers, 1 hour and 30 minutes, 75 marks each (Edexcel 9FMO/01 and 9FMO/02)

Further Mechanics 1 and Decision Mathematics 1 (are the chosen options): two written calculator papers, 1 hour and 30 minutes, 75 marks (Edexcel 9FMO)


• Mathematics Inspiration Lectures

• UK Senior Mathematics Challenge

• National Cipher Challenge

• AMSP Team Mathematics Challenge


Grade 8/9 in GCSE Mathematics.

To have studied the Level 3 Additional Maths course in Year 11 (exam not required).

An A Level in Further Mathematics is taught following on from an A Level in Mathematics, it is not a standalone course.