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St Peter's
Catholic School


Fairtrade at St Peter's

“Fairtrade is really important because it guarantees a good standard of living for those involved in producing the food. As a Catholic school we are committed to helping others and by promoting Fairtrade we can do a lot of good following the example of Christ”

(quote from St Peter’s student)

In order to achieve this we undertake to:

  • Support the schools’ Fairtrade steering group made up of volunteers from the school community, with at least 50% of the group members being students
  • Ensure Fairtrade is part of the School Development Plan
  • Use Fairtrade products wherever possible: tea, coffee, sugar and biscuits in the staffroom and at meetings
  • In lessons and classrooms where relevant
  • In the Dining Hall
  • Encourage those who purchase goods, e.g. sports equipment and uniform to research Fairtrade alternatives and consider swapping, should this be feasible
  • Ensure Fairtrade products are available wherever possible, for example, at events in the school or the community
  • To ensure that learning about Fairtrade happens in a range of lessons and in whole school activities
  • Promote Fairtrade within the school and the wider community particularly during Fairtrade Fortnight
  • Do something extra each year to promote Fairtrade

If you have any queries about St Peter’s and Fairtrade please contact Miss Castellain

Sports Day and Feast Day 2021

Year 8 hosting a Fairtrade Taster Session during Fairtrade Fortnight 2020

Sixth Form CAFOD Young Leaders holding a Fairtrade Assembly for Year 7 during Fairtrade Fortnight 2020