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St Peter's
Catholic School

Careers and Employability Programme

Our Careers and Employability Programme is based on a framework of ‘learning outcomes’ provided by the Career Development Institute (the career development professional body). The programme aims to provide students with the skills and knowledge they require to be able to make an informed choice about their future options.

Key Stage 3:

As early as Year 7, we introduce students to the careers resources and they start to identify the types of jobs they are interested in and the personal qualities and skills required to do each job. Students will also chat to Mrs Calvert about their early aspirations!  Students learn about personal development and planning, and decision making in their Citizenship, English and RE lessons. In Year 8, students start to investigate the world of work using Fast Tomato, a resource to help students to match their interest and learning styles to suitable careers, and to help them to recognise their strengths.  Students learn about employability skills and the importance of developing these. In Year 9, students focus on making choices for their GCSE option subjects and exploring how to keep their options open. A number of opportunities are provided for students and parents to consider the options available in assemblies, parents’ meetings, in their lessons and with their form tutors and subject teachers, as well as by booking an appointment with Mrs Calvert directly.

Key Stage 4:

In Year 10, students have a week of ‘exploration’ opportunities.  They visit local businesses in Guildford to explore how a business is run, the working environment, employment opportunities and learn about their local labour market.  Students develop their personal skills in physical team building activities and by attending a carousel of workshops on future pathways, standing out at an interview, setting up an online professional profile, looking at job and volunteering websites, and personal finance.  Students develop their entrepreneurial skills by participating in a Business Game run by external local business people.  A Future Options Day enables students to investigate a large number of different professions and routes (university, college, apprenticeships, Oxbridge, Year in Industry, and less familiar routes such as art, performing art and music), meeting with local businesses, university and college students including many past St Peter’s students.

In Year 11 students focus on making decisions and informed choices for their options after their GCSEs. All students receive a one-to-one guidance interview to discuss their ‘next step’ and career aspirations.  They also have the opportunity to experience a practice interview with external professional interviewers, preparing a CV and practising interview preparation with their form tutors.

Key Stage 5:

In Year 12, students attend a ‘Futures’ programme where they can focus on HE courses available and/or alternative routes, with dedicated Oxbridge/medical/dental groups running regularly.  They attend an HE convention, university tasters, and we offer all Year 12s the opportunity to do a week’s work experience.  Workshops are held for Year 13 students to assist with completing their UCAS applications with additional one-to-one support from Mr Martin with alternative routes.  Plenty of advice and help is always on hand.

All students in the school have access to a wide range of careers and employability resources in the Careers Information area in the LRC and on the school VLE in the Careers Information area.  Students are encouraged to use these and receive assemblies and lessons on how to find the information that they may require.

View the school’s Careers, Education and Guidance Policy below.