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St Peter's
Catholic School

Careers Guidance

One-to-one guidance is available to all students from Year 7 to 13 upon request.

In addition:

Year 8

As part their Citizenship lessons, students have group sessions with the Careers Adviser, where they are formally introduced to the routes ahead of them and the important decisions they will be making in the future regarding their ‘next steps’.  Within this, each student has the opportunity to talk about their own career ideas and they are advised about the route or routes to achieve these, with the whole group benefiting from learning about a range of career routes moving forward.

Year 9

Students meet with the Careers Adviser in small groups and/or on a one to one basis to talk about their GCSE options and how to make good decisions.  Students are able to discuss their career ideas with the Careers Adviser in these sessions and find out more about routes and qualifications and useful resources.

Year 11

All students receive one to one guidance focusing on their plans for after GCSEs.  Support is provided to make applications, choose subjects or apply for apprenticeships as appropriate and targeted help is available to assist students with this transition if required.

Year 12 and 13

One-to-one guidance is provided for all students in Year 12 and on request for students in Year 13.  The guidance service is regularly promoted to students to ensure that as many take advantage of the opportunity as possible and referrals are made by Heads of Year and tutors.