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St Peter's
Catholic School


Calling all ex-St Peter’s students!

Our alumni network is run in partnership with the education charity Future First. If you are a former student of St Peter’s School and would like to get in touch, we would be delighted to hear from you.  We will keep you informed about life at St Peter’s and future events that may be of interest to you! 

Sign up to our Student Alumni Network (it only takes 5 minutes!)

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6 great reasons to sign up to St Peter’s Alumni Network!

Meeting up with your old school friends
Probably the number one reason to sign up to our St Peter’s Alumni Network…to keep in touch with your school friends (not just in the next few years, but in 30 years’ time!) by attending alumni events – we are already planning the first of these!   We have former students in our alumni network who attended St Peter’s 50 years ago!

Keeping you informed
We can let you know about school events you may be interested to attend in the future including exhibitions, productions, celebrations and fundraisers.

Getting a job
We can advise you of careers opportunities we hear about. Some of our former students have a great deal of experience in the business world now and can help you to take your first steps! 

Helping Others
Would you have benefitted from hearing from former students about their careers, whilst you were at school?  Keep in touch and a little further down the line, you might want to come back and talk about your experiences, to current students at St Peter’s! 

Giving something back
Just because you have left, it does not mean you have to stop getting involved in the things you enjoy.  For example, you could help with coaching one of the school’s football teams, help to direct a play, or join a lesson and help current students with their understanding of a particular topic.

Asking for a reference
If you stay in touch now, your former teachers might be able to help you out, getting your dream job in the future, by providing a reference for you.

(By the way, you can choose which of the above activities you are interested in, when you sign up.)

If you have any questions, please contact Mrs Calvert, Careers Co-ordinator by email:


Please click here for our facebook link

If you would like to join the group, please go to @StPetersAlumniCommunity and ‘like’ the page.  We will keep you updated with what is happening at the school, ie. concerts, drama productions, sporting activities, etc. and would be delighted if you want to use this to keep in touch with one another.