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St Peter's
Catholic School

Girls' Guildford Cross Country Relays Success

Congratulations to all the athletes who represented St Peter's in the Guildford Cross Country Relays.   Considering we were the only state school we did pretty well! The teams were Guildford High, The Lady Eleanor Hollis, City of London, Tormead, Prior's Field, Boxhill, Putney, Portsmouth Grammer, Highfield, Danes Hill and Surbiton.

A special mention to the senior team who won!
Isla Miller (who ran up by 3 age groups) got a fantastic start and managed to get the team into second place.  Holly Woodhatch (who ran up by 2 age groups) put in a solid race and maintain this position.  Tula Hart, kept gaining on the winning Guildford High student and overtook her during the last uphill.  Annabel Morton brought the team home, she was not going to let anyone past and gained their lead by another 300m.

 Year 7 Team came 8th : Charlotte, Hannah , Imogen and Meg

Year 8 Team came 10th : Eleanor, Niamh, Camille and Juliette

Year 9 Team came 6th : Talula , Jessica , Mary and Grace