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St Peter's
Catholic School

Top A Level Grades Celebrated at St Peter’s

The Year 13 students at St Peter’s Catholic School, Guildford should be very proud of their achievements this summer. After a unique Sixth Form experience, they have shown true resilience and determination to overcome the many difficult challenges the pandemic has thrown at them, studying in a range of conditions and circumstances, either at home or in school.

Their approach to the A Level and BTEC assessments at the end of the year has reaped rewards. Of all the subjects entered, over 60% was an A* or A grade and 80% of all grades achieved B or higher. This means that many doors to universities and apprenticeship, as well as the world of work have been successfully opened for our young people.

A special mention should go to Sophia, who will go to Oxford to study Biology and Linnea who will study Geography at Cambridge. Seventeen students achieved straight A*s (Marina, Joe, Keeley, Claire, Vasco, Isabella, Josh, Sophia, Emma, Nicole, Isla, Abi, Jake, Linnea, Ashley, Mary and Ellen). Other students who achieved excellent grades include Shannon, Verity, Ignacio, Sam, William, Daniel, Matt and Victor. We are incredibly proud of all of our students. Within the joy of these results, there are many stories, where students have overcome adversity or personal challenges, which make the accomplishments even more special.

While all the students have got their grades on their own merits and hard work, a significant acknowledgement should be made to the teachers and staff at St Peter’s. They have tirelessly supported and nurtured the students through ever-changing circumstances, ensuring that they maintain high standards while sustaining a motivation and a passion for their subject. We are also grateful for all the hard work and effort from the parents that has gone into supporting, motivating and nurturing their young people as well as the encouragement that they have given the school.

It is exciting to see another fantastic group of young people leave St Peter’s and start a new chapter. We wish them all the best for the future.

God bless.

Mr T Miller, Headteacher