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St Peter's
Catholic School

Please help to fundraise money today for St Peter's NHS medical grade face masks

Please click here to read the article and contribute if you can.

Over the last week, some of our Technology staff have been planning and trialling the manufacture of medical grade face masks.  The design has been fine-tuned and is now in small scale production and we will soon be able to deliver our first batch to front-line workers where it is desperately needed.  

The team are willing to step up production but we need the raw materials to do this and I’m writing today to see if you would be willing to contribute to our campaign.   It’s a great way to get involved in something that will have direct impact on our health services.  We are also exploring the design for medical gowns as we have the equipment, skills and people power to make a difference here as well.

Please visit our fundraising page to make a contribution. However large or small, your contribution will make a difference and if enough money is raised we would be able to purchase additional equipment to increase production capacity.  The advantage for us is that we are not bound by the normal ‘red tape’ of supply lines and can deliver our PPE directly to the door of local hospitals, care homes and health centres where it is most needed.

St Peters, Guildford NHS Support Campaign organized by Toby Miller

Thank you for your support and I look forward to updating you with our progress and the difference your contribution will make.

Toby Miller,  Headteacher