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St Peter's
Catholic School

Student Career Opportunities (after GCSEs or A levels)

Here are some excellent resources to help students to find placements, apprenticeships and school leaver programmes. for work experience, placement, apprenticeship, school leaver programmes, internship opportunities. for apprenticeship and school leaver programme opportunities. to browse through school leaver jobs, schemes and apprenticeships. to look at further school leaver opportunities.

For further information, please contact Mrs Calvert by email

A Level Grades and UCAS Points

Student career opportunities usually require students to have a certain number of UCAS points (points awarded to qualifications).

The following shows the A Level grades and their equivalent UCAS tariff:

A* = 56 UCAS points

A = 48 UCAS points

B = 40 UCAS points

C = 32 UCAS points

D = 24 UCAS points

E = 16 UCAS points