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St Peter's
Catholic School


Mr J Hulland

Head of Modern Foreign Languages

The Team

Mrs G Scherer Second in Department

Introduction to the Department

As a department, we believe that learning another language is invaluable and that it can help individuals to broaden their horizons, understand more about the world they live in and appreciate the differences in our cultures. We aim to build on transferable language skills that students may have acquired at Key Stage 2 and develop them through Key Stages 3 and 4 so that they are confident expressing themselves in spoken and written work and are able to infer meaning from texts they have read or spoken German they have heard.


Key Stage 3 Information

In Year 7, all students will study French. As the year progresses, the year group will have the opportunity to try taster sessions in Spanish and German, and will add a second language in Year 8 (in addition to the French). Our students will learn to use and adapt key grammatical skills that will enable them to converse in the target language using different time frames and be able to express personal opinions with confidence. They will develop a wide range of vocabulary on topics such as health, education, free time and leisure activities. They will appreciate the cultural differences that exist in the world and have opportunities to experience first-hand what life is like in Germany, should they wish to participate in one of our educational trips.

Key Stage 4 Information

Students continuing with German at GCSE level will continue to develop their understanding of the key grammatical terms and structures and will broaden their vocabulary from Key Stage 3 with regular vocabulary tests. Students will become more independent in their use of the language with role plays and photo descriptions forming a large part of the oral examination and when writing students will be required to translate both ways, in to German and English.


There are opportunities for students to practice their German skills in authentic situations at all Key Stages. In Year 8, there is a 2 night residential at a youth hostel in Aachen, where students will explore the town and have the opportunity to hone their spoken skills and accents. In Years 10 and 11, our GCSE students have the opportunity to stay with a German family for a week as part of our exchange programme. Our link school is Martin Buber Oberschule in Spandau, on the outskirts of Berlin.