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Careerometer is an online data portal which connects and standardises existing sources of high quality, reliable LMI to support the process of identifying potential careers.  It allows students to compare national average wages, working hours and future employment prospects.


Type in a job that you would like to investigate in the first card and then select a match from the list.  You can include a second and third choice for comparison if you wish.  


  • The data relating to hours and pay are estimates based on the Annual Survey of Hours and Earnings (Office for National Statistics). 
  • The pay estimates provided relate to mean pay for full-time jobs in an occupation. 
  • The estimates of future employment prospects are projections taken from the Working Futures study and are based on past employment trends. 
  • Please note that the accuracy of projections for individual occupations is subject to error because of the many unknown factors that may affect the economy over the projection period. Occupational employment projections and related job outlook information can usefully support the career decision-making process but they should not be the sole basis for a choice of career.