History of the School

St Peter's is a Voluntary Aided Catholic School established by the Roman Catholic Diocese of Arundel and Brighton, and administered by Surrey County Council. There are 1100 mixed students aged 11-18.


St Peterís Boys School was founded by Archbishop Amigo in 1947 and named St. Peterís after his patron saint. It was housed in two buildings. One was the present site on Horseshoe Lane East and the other in Horseshoe Lane West. The Headmaster and a number of the teachers were Diocesan Priests.

Merrow Grange was on the corner of Horseshoe Lane East and the Epsom Road. It had been a family home, a hotel and was an auxiliary hospital between 1941-1942.

In October 1945 it was purchased by the Ladies of Mary (who later became the Daughters of Mary and Joseph) and became an independent girls school called Merrow Grange. It was a Convent School run by the Daughters of Mary and Joseph.

In 1971 the two schools merged to form the mixed School called St Peterís and Merrow Grange. Later the named was changed to St. Peterís Catholic School.

Until 1993 the school occupied both sites in Horseshoe Lane East with the students moving between the sites for different subjects. In 1993, following the decision of the Daughters of Mary and Joseph to sell their site, £2.5m was spent to develop the present campus and the school moved onto one site.

In 1999 the school increased in size to admit 180 students into Year 7 each year. Another £1.2m was spent to develop the facilities to make this possible.

2010 - St Peterís new state of the art Sixth Form Centre opens.

2014 - St Cecilia's Theatre and Liturgy Space opened.

Academic Excellence

St Peter's is a successful forward thinking Catholic School which consistently achieves excellent results in GCSE and very good A Level results. There are 1100 students aged 11-18 and Mr Toby Miller is the Headteacher. Our new state of the art Sixth Form Centre opened to students in September 2010 and is rapidly growing.

Academic excellence is matched by a commitment to develop a fully rounded personality within a Catholic environment.

We place great value on our partnership with parents. Working together we can ensure that the children receive the best possible education and are prepared for their future life.

St Peter's puts emphasis on a balanced timetable which offers our students the opportunity to learn together in a supportive and positive setting.

Students are encouraged to "achieve their own best standard". High expectations are set and endeavour rewarded

Learning at St Peter's is about motivation and inspiration. Our students learn how to ask questions, to listen, to explore and to challenge. Students are nurtured, their intellect developed, and their curiosity encouraged to stimulate their interest in the world beyond the classroom.

To nurture a love of learning and an independent, proactive approach is always a priority. Students work within a disciplined framework gradually taking more and more responsibility for their learning. Above all, we believe that success in all things is best achieved through enjoyment.

What Ofsted say...................

"The quality of the curriculum and other activities are outstanding and a real strength of the school."
Latest Ofsted Inspection

"This really is a school where every child matters".
Latest Ofsted Inspection

"The curriculum is inclusive, dynamic and flexible focusing on personalised pathways to higher education."
Latest Ofsted Inspection

"Leadership and Management are outstanding."
Latest Ofsted Inspection