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St Peter's
Catholic School


Mr J Hulland

Head of Modern Foreign Languages



The Team

Mrs S Callaghan Teacher of Modern Foreign Languages
Mrs L Isaacs Teacher of Modern Foreign Languages
Miss S Marchena Ortega Teacher of Modern Foreign Languages
Mr M Prats Belda  Teacher of Modern Foreign Languages
Mrs G Scherer   Second in Department

Introduction to the Department

As a department, we believe that learning another language is invaluable and that it can help individuals to broaden their horizons, understand more about the world they live in and appreciate the differences in our cultures. We aim to build on transferable language skills that students may have acquired at Key Stage 2 and develop them through Key Stages 3 and 4 so that they are confident expressing themselves in spoken and written work and are able to infer meaning from texts they have read or spoken Spanish they have heard.

Key Stage 5 Information


Year 12

In Year 12, students will further develop the skills they have acquired at Key Stage 4. Topics are based on current aspects of Spanish society such as the role of the family, cyber society and equality between sexes. They will also study topics like Spain’s cultural heritage, the influence of celebrities and Spain’s regional identities. Students will all study at least one film during the year, to help them prepare for the end of Year 13 exam.  


Year 13

In Year 13, students will continue to build up the level of complexity in their oral and written work. They will study at least one book during this year, which when combined with the film they have studied in Year 12 will form the basis of their paper 2 exam answer. The topics in Year 13 consist of the rights of young people, popular movements, immigration and politics. Students will become more aware of important political issues and will be able to form their own arguments and counter arguments throughout the year.  


Paper 1 -  Listening/Reading/Writing- 2 hours 30 minutes (100 marks) 50% of A Level

Paper 2 -  Writing- 2 hours (80 marks) 20% of A Level

Paper 3 -  Oral exam: Discussion of sub-topic theme card, followed by presentation and discussion of independent research project- 21-23 minutes (60 marks) 30% of A Level



Depending on student numbers, there may be an opportunity to visit a city in Spain for a combined Year  12/13 language trip. Alternatively, students can apply to complete a work experience placement in Spain during Year 12 or 13. This is organised by the student directly with a tour operator.


For more information, students or parents can email Mr Hulland