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St Peter's
Catholic School

Careers Calendar

26th September 2019

McLaren - Saverio d'Agostino

Lunchtime talk on careers in engineering and opportunities at this award winning firm. Held in St Cecilia’s 12.40pm to 1.10pm.  All year groups welcome.

Saturday 28th September 2019

Meducators Workshop

A three hour workshop for students interested in learning more about careers in the health sector.  Meducators is a medical education company which provides interactive workshops for students.  Tutors are medical students and newly qualified doctors. The cost of this workshop is £30 per student. Years 9-13.


Careers in law with Louise Nye

More details to follow.

24th October 2019

Construction Firm Balfour Beatty

Lunchtime talk on careers and opportunities in the construction industry.  Held in St Cecilia’s 12.40pm to 1.10pm.  All year groups welcome.


Careers in publishing with Samantha Noonan

More details to follow.

15th November 2019

Year 11 Mock interviews 

More details to follow.

9th JANUARY 2020

Careers in Psychology, Michele Miller  

Lunchtime talk on careers in Psychology, including Sports Psychology.  Held in St Cecilia’s, 12.35pm to 1.10pm.  All year groups welcome. 


Careers in the police service, Inspector Alex Maguire

More details to follow.

5th February 2020

 Alexander Dennis, Engineering Company

More details to follow.

13th FEBRUARY 2020

Careers in IT/Artificial Intelligence with Paul Carr

More details to follow.